Thursday, April 21, 2011


Over the past months we have noticed a marked increase in the amount and frequency of noisy light planes flying over the residential area of Dingley Village. During weekdays, this is around every five minutes. Today - a Sunday morning, it is literally every minute! It is almost as it the planes are flying a circuit that includes straight through Dingley. We would like to know if the increase in air traffic is due to planes being transferred to Moorabbin from Essendon Airport, and\or frequency of flight training. We also have noted that there are no EPA sound monitors whatsoever in the residential areas surrounding Moorabbin Airport (as opposed to the six around Essendon Airport). When we moved here 35 years ago, the airport was there - however the amount of air traffic is nowhere near what it has become in 2011. What is local goverment going to do about this noise pollution?

Concerned resident.
Dingley Village.

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  1. Of particular note was the relentless Flight Circuit training undertaken on Sunday 17th April, and Tuesday 19th April 2011. All day on each of the days, the noise was forever constant. Flights going overhead, as soon as one had passed through, another could be heard approaching. Looking at the WebTrak flight website, it could be seen that an average of 3 to 4 planes were performing a continuous circuit (taking off, heading round over Dingley, then landing, and repeated again). The circuit training planes should be restricted from flying over Dingley. They need to be redirected over Braeside Park, the School Zones east of Braeside Park, 5 Ways Industrial (Bunnings), Westall Rd Extn, Kingston Quarries, and the Capital Golf course.