Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Terrible Weekend

It's warm, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the sky is blue, it's the weekend, so why the suffering?

Ah yes I forgot, it's only by the grace of God, the Minister for Transport and the joy riding pilots that we are allowed short moments of peace between the roar of unmuffled light aircraft and helicopters from the Moorabbin Airport.

Apparently we all moved here for the cheap land and housing, it has nothing to do with the beautiful coastline or the right of every Australian to enjoy basic standards of amenity wherever they live.  That's aside from the fact that many of us actually paid considerable sums to live here and fully expected a sensible measure of amenity given the lack of any flood or aircraft warnings on our land titles.  Indeed in some instances we are several kilometres from the airport.

It seems logical to most of us that the planes and helicopters should  fly over the vast expanses of industrial estates. commercial developments and market gardens around the airport, but alas they seem to prefer our backyards and along the beach.

Heck if you've got a plane or a pilots licence shouldnt you be allowed to fly anywhere you damn well please?

Is it true that Australia is one of the least civilised countries in the developed world in terms of recognising the rights of its citizens to basic amenity and a measure of peace and quiet?


  1. the following response may add further light to the escalating problems caused by the increasing usage of our residential area to become the learners' playground for airborne vehicles which would not meet EPA standards should they be vehicles on the ground. The bottom line of Commissioner Hampton's response to an earlier complaint would be to "write down the registration numbers" when a complaint is being made.

    Having had an absolute gutful (if you will pardon the expression) of my weekends in particular being impacted by the learners flying over my home (the problem has only arisen in the last two to three years) I lashed out and purchased a block of land overlooking a lake in the Tatterson Park area of Keysborough upon which I had or have every intention of building to escape the aircraft and increasing traffic caused by the goldmine at the junction of Centre Dandenong and Boundary Roads, similarly about 3 kilometres from my present home from the airport, only to become aware that there is an increasing amount of low-flying blue and white learner aircraft among others, taxiing low towards Moorabbin Airport ironically over or near the land I bought!

    On my current residential property in Cheltenham, about 3 kilometres from the airport runway, there is an approximately 35 metre Norfolk Island pine which apparently makes a wonderful landmark for the planes, unfortunately the plane registered VH PCO (Q?) which flew over at about 12.50 this afternoon was probably only about 50 to 100 metres above the top of the tree. These learner cowboys are acting with impunity and it is we residents below who are paying the price for the goldmine a few kilometres away.


    Cr Peter Brown
    Paperbark Ward
    City of Greater Dandenong

  2. What exactly is the council’s view of Moorabbin Airport? Is the council in favor of the airports current function or is their vision that the airport be closed and used for development purposes?

    My dealings with the council over the past two years has left me wondering exactly where the council stands? The only way for real change to occur is if all community parties are united in a single focus?

    What is the council’s standpoint on Moorabbin Airport?

    Circuit training versus potential revenue of $4million in rates each year?

    Is it the supposed prestige of housing “Moorabbin Airport that is an important aviation activity centre (Crean 2010)” allowing rose coloured glasses to remain?

    Give Knox City Council a call and ask them how much money they will generate in rates from the sale of the Scoresby brick quarry. Or maybe Monash Council for their rate revenue from the Waverly Park development or Manningham City Council for their annual income from residential development on the Eastern Golf Club site.

    Circuit training versus rate revenue ($4million extra dollars EACH YEAR) that could be put to improving our community’s roads, parks, waterways, increasing services for the elderly and disabled, running community events, landscaping and aesthetics of shopping strips, removal of graffiti and community centre expansions to provide more facilities and programs to increase health and wellbeing of Kingston residents.

    But that’s right it is someone else’s problem. And that is the point! The smaller parties need to voice change as one. Residents, Local Council and State Government voicing the same action, at the same time, until real change occurs.

    So, what is the Council’s stand point on Moorabbin Airport?

  3. It seems that aircraft are becoming a little crafty. There are some sparkling white planes that appear to have had a paint job and as a result their registration numbers are no longer underneath the aircraft.

    This is not the first time that specific registrations have been encouraged but at the same time planes are not required to show their registration on the bottom of the aircraft. Most do, but some don’t and after seeing the new white planes fly over I can only assume that as planes are repainted there will be less planes showing their registration numbers.

    Just another clear demonstration that there are rules for some and rules for others.

    Pilots and the aviation industry are a law unto themselves and we are the little land based residents that need to watch their P’s and Q’s when walking, driving, bike riding, playing music, riding horses, discarding rubbish and using public transport. We can get a fine for taking something from another person’s hard rubbish yet we have to tolerate flying lawn mowers that can only be described as a public nuisance.

    I can only assume that someone somewhere is making considerable money from the airport remaining a predominant training facility because the amount of money to be made through developing the site would be near $1.65Billion. As an educated person the fact that the airport remains open in 2010 just makes me shake my head at those in charge of planning for the future because it seems that their heads are stuck firmly in the sand, among other places.

    It is 3pm, only 5 hours to go before circuit training comes to a close. That is of course, if the recommendations are adhered to.

    Enjoy the peace between each lawn mower.

  4. Hi,
    It's almost exactly the same shite as at Parafield (Adelaide).

    Has anybody from the Govt actually measured the flight training pollution there?

    Like our main roads turning into freight highways gutting residential communities here, out Govts State or Feral just don't measure pollution reality to avoid having to know to be obliged to do anything.

    Is anybody following the Moorabbin Airport Master Plan process?